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Hi farm,
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    Fencing field.

    Cephalo the Pod
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    Fencing field.

    Post by Cephalo the Pod on Sat 27 Oct 2012, 9:14 pm

    So I'm doing fencing. And I thought I'd share what I've learned, because fencing is awesome.

    3 Blades
    Their are three different styles of fencing.

    Foil is the easiest and the one that beginners start of at. The blade is relatively simple. In this version, one must jab their opponent in the torso and bend their blade upward (the second condition is to weed out weak hits) to score.

    Sabre is a more expert level. One can score only by striking their opponent horizontally, although the allowed area extends to the person's arms and head. The blade features a curved piece of metal guarding the sabreur's hand, as that is a popular target.

    Epee is another expert level. Hitting the opponent is similar to foil, although one does not need to bend the blade. The target area extends to the entire body, all the way down to their feet. Modern matches feature sensory technology to confirm hits, since a proper hit requires a certain amount of force.

    Basic Technique
    The "en garde" position is the standard for fencing. Knees are bent low, arms are extended (blade arm in front, other behind), back foot is perpendicular to the rest of the body. Movement is made in short steps for speed, and the shoulders should stay rigid and not bounce. It should be noted that players in sabre and epee do not bend their knees as much, as they must look out for hits from above as well.

    When one goes for a hit, it is recommended that one lunges. A proper lunge involves stepping forward with the front leg and tilting your upper body forward. Make sure that your back is still vertical. Your blade arm should stretch out. This method allows the player to return back to en garde quickly.

    Their is a curved end to the handle; this end should face away from your wrist so that your fingers can rest comfortably. The handle of your blade should be pressed along your forearm; this gives you a stronger hold on your blade when someone tries to push it away.

    In foil, it is common for two players to hit at the same time. The winner goes to the one with priority. At the start of the match, priority goes to the one who moves first. If one taps their opponent's blade, they take priority. If one lunges but misses, they lose priority.

    Parries and Ripostes
    If your opponent is going for a hit, you can push it away. A good parry involves the bottom (sturdiest) third of your blade pushing the top (weakest) third of theirs. When pushing the blade away, tilt your wrist clockwise (when going left) or counterclockwise (when going right). Once the opponent's blade is out of the way, you can counter with a riposte, a hit that comes right after a parry.


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