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    Mario Kart: Double Dash Tier List and Advanced How To Play

    Cephalo the Pod
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    Mario Kart: Double Dash Tier List and Advanced How To Play

    Post by Cephalo the Pod on Tue 28 Aug 2012, 12:32 pm

    Back in olde country, Sauxuas made a thread on the super-detailed analysis of MArio Kart: Double Dash. It's too good to not bring back.
    Sauxuas wrote:Welcome to St. Marys Smash's edition of Mario Kart: Double Dash! Just cause its a great game. Anyways lets make a TIER LIST. I'm gunna post my opinion, Version 1. But as we all know, tier lists change like the weather, so its only temporary to lay out a few pros and cons for characters and all that. BEGIN!


    Tier List

    Version 1

    God Tier
    1. Petey Piranha/King Boo
    Top Tier
    2. Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    3. Peach/Daisy
    4. Wario/Waluigi
    Mid Tier
    5. Yoshi/Birdo
    6. Bowser/Baby Bowser
    7. Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong
    Low Tier
    8. Toad/Toadette
    9. Mario/Luigi
    10. Baby Mario/Baby Luigi


    Top Speeds
    Green Fire
    Bullet Blaster
    DK Jumbo
    Koopa King
    Piranha Pipes
    Parade Kart

    Red Fire
    Bloom Coach
    Turbo Birdo
    Waluigi Racer
    Barrel Train
    Wario Car

    Heart Coach
    Turbo Yoshi
    Rattle Buggy
    Koopa Dasher
    Toad Kart
    Boo Pipes

    Goo Goo Buggy
    Para Wing
    Toadette Kart

    Acceleration Chart

    Weight Chart

    Off-Road Speeds
    Waluigi Racer ---37mph
    Goo-Goo Buggy - 37mph
    Rattle Buggy --- 37mph
    Toad Kart ------ 37mph
    Toadette Kart -- 37mph
    Boo Pipes ------ 37mph
    Koopa Dasher --- 35mph
    Para Wing ------ 35mph
    Barrel Train --- 34mph
    Piranha Pipes -- 34mph
    Heart Coach ---- 33mph
    Red Fire ------- 32mph
    Green Fire ----- 32mph
    Turbo Yoshi ---- 32mph
    Bloom Coach ---- 31mph
    Turbo Birdo ---- 31mph
    Wario Car ------ 29mph
    Parade Kart ---- 29mph
    DK Jumbo ------- 28mph
    Bullet Blaster --- 27mph
    Koopa King ----- 27mph

    Turning Speed Loss (No Drift)
    Heart Coach
    Wario Car

    Bloom Coach
    Turbo Yoshi
    Turbo Birdo
    Waluigi Racer
    Goo-Goo Buggy
    Para Wing
    Barrel Train
    Toad Kart
    Toadette Kart
    Koopa King
    Piranha Pipes
    Boo Pipes
    Parade Kart

    Red Fire
    Green Fire
    Rattle Buggy
    Koopa Dasher
    Bullet Blaster
    DK Jumbo

    Handling (Tighter Turning)
    Heart Coach
    Bloom Coach
    Turbo Yoshi
    Rattle Buggy
    Koopa Dasher
    Toad Kart
    Toadette Kart
    Koopa King
    Boo Pipes
    Parade Kart

    Red Fire
    Turbo Birdo
    Goo-Goo Buggy
    Bullet Blaster
    Wario Car
    DK Jumbo
    Piranha Pipes

    Green Fire
    Waluigi Racer
    Para Wing
    Barrel Train

    Widest to Thinnest: (1=best)

    10. Koopa King
    9. Parade Kart
    8. Waluigi Racer/DK Jumbo
    7. Wario Car/Piranha Pipes/Boo Pipes
    6. Turbo Yoshi/Turbo Birdo
    5. Red Fire/Green Fire/Toad Kart/Toadette Kart
    4. Heart Coach/Bloom Coach
    3. Koopa Dasher/Para Wing/Bullet Blaster
    2. Goo-Goo Buggy/Rattle Buggy
    1. Barrel Train

    Suspension (Speed Loss From Bouncing)
    (From least lost to most lost):

    Barrel Train/Piranha Pipes/Boo Pipes
    Heart Coach/Bloom Coach/Toad Kart/Toadette Kart/Koopa King
    Goo-Goo Buggy/Rattle Buggy/Wario Car
    Koopa Dasher/Para Wing/DK Jumbo
    Red Fire/Green Fire/Parade Kart
    Bullet Blaster/Turbo Yoshi/Turbo Birdo
    Waluigi Racer

    Kart Percent Scores
    1. Koopa King - 50%
    2. Bloom Coach - 51%
    Sauxuas wrote:heres all the teams (i only separate original teams if the characters are of different weights):

    Mario/Luigi + Mario/Luigi
    Mario/Luigi + Peach/Daisy
    Mario/Luigi + Baby Mario/Baby Luigi
    Mario/Luigi + Birdo/Yoshi
    Mario/Luigi + Toad/Toadette
    Mario/Luigi + DK
    Mario/Luigi + Diddy
    Mario/Luigi + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    Mario/Luigi + Bowser
    Mario/Luigi + Baby Bowser
    Mario/Luigi + Wario
    Mario/Luigi + Waluigi
    Mario/Luigi + Petey/Boo

    Peach/Daisy + Peach/Daisy
    Peach/Daisy + Baby Mario/Baby Luigi
    Peach/Daisy + Birdo/Yoshi
    Peach/Daisy + Toad/Toadette
    Peach/Daisy + DK
    Peach/Daisy + Diddy
    Peach/Daisy + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    Peach/Daisy + Bowser
    Peach/Daisy + Baby Bowser
    Peach/Daisy + Wario
    Peach/Daisy + Waluigi
    Peach/Daisy + Petey/Boo

    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Baby Mario/Baby Luigi
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Birdo/Yoshi
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Toad/Toadette
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + DK
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Diddy
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Bowser
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Baby Bowser
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Wario
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Waluigi
    Baby Mario/Baby Luigi + Petey/Boo

    Birdo/Yoshi + Birdo/Yoshi
    Birdo/Yoshi + Toad/Toadette
    Birdo/Yoshi + DK
    Birdo/Yoshi + Diddy
    Birdo/Yoshi + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    Birdo/Yoshi + Bowser
    Birdo/Yoshi + Baby Bowser
    Birdo/Yoshi + Wario
    Birdo/Yoshi + Waluigi
    Birdo/Yoshi + Petey/Boo

    Toad/Toadette + Toad/Toadette
    Toad/Toadette + DK
    Toad/Toadette + Diddy
    Toad/Toadette + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    Toad/Toadette + Bowser
    Toad/Toadette + Baby Bowser
    Toad/Toadette + Wario
    Toad/Toadette + Waluigi
    Toad/Toadette + Petey/Boo

    DK + Diddy
    DK + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    DK + Bowser
    DK + Baby Bowser
    DK + Wario
    DK + Waluigi
    DK + Petey/Boo

    Diddy + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    Diddy + Bowser
    Diddy + Baby Bowser
    Diddy + Wario
    Diddy + Waluigi
    Diddy + Petey/Boo

    Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa + Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa
    Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa + Bowser
    Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa + Baby Bowser
    Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa + Wario
    Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa + Waluigi
    Paratroopa/Koopa Troopa + Petey/Boo

    Bowser + Baby Bowser
    Bowser + Wario
    Bowser + Waluigi
    Bowser + Petey/Boo

    Baby Bowser + Wario
    Baby Bowser + Waluigi
    Baby Bowser + Petey/Boo

    Wario + Waluigi
    Wario + Petey/Boo

    Waluigi + Petey/Boo

    Petey/Boo + Petey/Boo
    Sauxuas wrote:So i thought up a way to score karts.

    We take the placing out of the total levels (so for top speed theres 4 levels. if bloom coach is in the 2nd level, it gets 2/4 in speed.) then we do percent and the lower the percent the better.

    we then take all the categories (non equally weighted) and figure out an overall percent. The weighing goes like so:

    Speed: 25%
    Acceleration: 25%
    Weight: 20%
    Handling: 10%
    Off-Road Speed: 5%
    Turn Speed Loss: 5%
    Width: 5%
    Suspension: 5%

    sound alright?

    I did the calculations with Bloom Coach and came out with 51%

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    Re: Mario Kart: Double Dash Tier List and Advanced How To Play

    Post by Vyzor on Tue 28 Aug 2012, 1:26 pm

    Ahh, good idea bringing this back. This thread was awesome. We must continue our research

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    Re: Mario Kart: Double Dash Tier List and Advanced How To Play

    Post by Italyins on Wed 05 Sep 2012, 7:18 pm

    Hmm I never saw this before. Looks nice, good job.

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    Re: Mario Kart: Double Dash Tier List and Advanced How To Play

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