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    I also play


    House Bunny
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    I also play

    Post by House Bunny on Wed 14 Sep 2016, 12:09 am

    I play games in this, I'll try to keep it to more obscure/ throw back games.

    My first choice is influenced by the Pod man himself. I like the idea of a nuzlocke challenge but I wanted to do something more hype, 7th shot levels of hype. So I went with Shaman King Legacy spirits roaming wolf. Or something like that.

    Its basically pokemon but worse and with shaman characters. The main draw is fusing the creatures in a jar and creating new ones.

    Get Hype
    Chapter One

    So the challenges begins, basically at the start of the game its a ton of dialogue to set the story up, this was all promptly skipped.
    While jumping past the story line I developed the rules:

    1. Dead is kill
    2. Only one capture per map section
    3. Cant use the main spirit (Super strong and grows exceptionally more powerful, by not using him it makes the game significantly harder and makes me focus on the lesser spirits that are useless if you use him)
    4. At the beginning you pick up a lot of spirits automatically, these are allowed to be used, any other spirits given automatically can only be used to fuse, but not battle.

    So I hopped in. With the low level jar there's not a ton of stuff you can do. I mained an earthbound spirit which is essentially a dude with a headband.

    I fused a couple more things and I am starting to see some stuff I want later. Earthbound and Dark Oni (weird slug with teeth) create some angel/mech looking guy. Bunch of little birds and White Snake create a Pumpkin head named Jack. I want Jack.

    Side Quest
    Chapter Two
    So ignoring the story once again I dove head first into the game. I now have access to the city which means I can buy tablets to capture spirits. So the second rule now applies, one capture whatever I encounter first. I caught 4 spirits with nothing really notable, will fuse more later. I have 7 salespeople because I talked to one and the more service you ask for the more you have to fight in a row, classic Japs.

    After I had collected all i could I hit up the cemetery to grind dat slug higher. Found a kid there, instantly had flashbacks to the worlds most tedious side quest.

    Here's the lowdown:
    1. Talk to kid, he is dead and can't move on, wants a cat
    2. Talk to salesman in city, he is dead and can't move on, wants to sell cat food

    Seems like a great combo right?

    3. Take food to kid
    4. Go back to salesman and tell him the kids reaction to cat food
    5. Go see kid, who now has one cat, but he wants more

    Now at this point you follow these 5 steps 7 or 8 times, going to the world map, selecting the area and then wading through 10000 random encounters before you get to the person to talk to. Super long and super tedious. And each step adds a cat that randomly walks around the kid. These cats can and will block your way out of the area.

    Anyways after 30 minutes of doing nothing but walking back and forth you finally figure out the kid are father and son, they join up and go to the spirit world or something. Anyways your prize is a single healing item that is super strong but theres just the one. FUCK.

    That's the end result
    lil' poopie boy
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    Re: I also play

    Post by lil' poopie boy on Wed 14 Sep 2016, 2:45 pm

    This game SOJNDS horrible. Also what platform is this game originally


    House Bunny
    A New Beggening'er

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    Re: I also play

    Post by House Bunny on Wed 14 Sep 2016, 11:31 pm

    The GOAT platform, GBA baby

    Red Gyarados
    Chapter 3

    One major part of the game is the main character's girlfriend who is a bitch. Most of the game is her being a bitch and making you do stupid training stuff that only a bitch would think is useful. Its basically cuck simulator 2016.

    Anyways quest time. I find a kid playing hide and seek, kill him and capture his soul, classic.

    Next step is going to watch a movie featuring a blatant rip off of Bruce Lee. We are told he disappeared mysteriously. Then of course we walks around the corner to beat the shit out of us.

    So he is turned into a big meat puppet controlled by some green haired chick. He is pretty powerful but teeth slug and human guy put in the finest work and took him out. The end of me killing him twice results in him losing control and attacking his master. Since im nice guy who doesnt afraid of anything I step in to defend but i get my ass kicked. So then Shaolin pops in, becasue he is this dead guys old master and defends us from him. And then they jsut give me Shaolin, so i get a very strong spirit that I didn't even need to go out of my way to get.

    Thus the name of the chapter, Red gyarados. A classic videogame trend.
    The concept is to give the player a strong asset without them needing to go anything for them. gyarados is the example most people remember because not only is it red but it circumvents the need to train magicarp, one of the toughest pokemon to level. So you get all the reward without doing any of the work. Fire Emblem is another classic example. While for the most part they try to balance it by having later joining units be worse than the starters if you train them properly, but at times they just hand you a broken unit for those who can't beat the end game by themselves.
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    Re: I also play

    Post by TheCryptKeeper on Thu 15 Sep 2016, 12:09 pm

    idk what socks is talkin bout, this game sounds so sick


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    Re: I also play

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